Sige MMICs for phased array radar applications

  title={Sige MMICs for phased array radar applications},
  author={R. Tayrani and Michihiro Teshiba and Glenn Sakamoto and Q. Chaudhry and R. Alidio and Youngjune Kang and Ishak Ahmad and Track Cisco and Mark Hauhe},
  journal={The 2005 IEEE Annual Conference Wireless and Micrwave Technology, 2005.},
R. Tayrani, M. Teshiba, G. Sakamoto, Q. Chaudhry*, R Alidio"', Y. Kang, I. Ahmad, T.Cisco, and M. Hauhe Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems, 2000 East Imperial Highway, El Segundo, CA 90245 AbstractThis paper reports the performances of several broadband monolithic SiGe MMICs suitable for phased array radar applications. The amplitude and phase control MMIC designs are based on an optimized SiGe PIN diode offered by IBM 5-HP SiGe foundry process. Utilizing this diode, several control circuitries… CONTINUE READING