Sieve-Equivalence and Explicit Bijections

  title={Sieve-Equivalence and Explicit Bijections},
  author={Basil Gordon},
  journal={J. Comb. Theory, Ser. A},
Suppose A ,,..., A, are subsets of a finite set A, and B ,,..., B, are subsets of a finite set B. For each subset S of N= (1, 2,..., n), let A, = nies Ai and B, = nisS Bi. It is shown that if explicit bijections fs: A, + B, for each S c N are given, an explicit bijection h: A-U,:, Ai 4 B Ui_I Bi can be constructed. The map h is independent of any ordering of the elements of A and B, and of the order in which the subsets Ai and Bi are listed. 

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