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Sierra Leone: Maternal and Infant Mortality

  title={Sierra Leone: Maternal and Infant Mortality},
  author={Mackenzie Ryan},

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The quality of free antenatal and delivery services in Northern Sierra Leone
The quality of delivery services is compromised by poor infrastructure, inadequate skilled staff, stock-outs of consumables, non-functional basic emergency obstetric care facilities, and geographic inequities in access to CEOC facilities. Expand
Strengthening close to community provision of maternal health services in fragile settings: an exploration of the changing roles of TBAs in Sierra Leone and Somaliland
Views on programmes in Somaliland and Sierra Leone which link TBAs to health centres as part of a pathway to maternal health care are explored to highlight the possible gains of the new roles and approaches for trained TBAs through further integrating them into the formal health system. Expand
Assessment on the Knowledge and Reported Practices of Women on Maternal and Child Health in Rural Sierra Leone: A Cross-Sectional Survey
Women’s knowledge on maternal and child health care are inadequate in rural Sierra Leone, and improvement in health-related knowledge on pregnancy, delivery, neonatal care and environmental sanitation would be invaluable. Expand