Siderophore production and probiotic effect of Vibrio sp . associated with turbot larvae , Sc ~ hthalmus maximus

  title={Siderophore production and probiotic effect of Vibrio sp . associated with turbot larvae , Sc ~ hthalmus maximus},
  author={François-Jo{\"e}l Gatesoupe},
Résumé The proportion of vibrio E, dominant in healthy turbot larvae, was artificially increased in the rotifer enrichment medium. The main effect of this vibrio enrichment was to improve the resistance of larval turbot challcngcd with a pathogenic strain of Vibrio sp1endidu.s. vibrio P. The improvement of the sumival rates was significant with 1.5 x 10' CFU of vibrio E added per ml of enrichment medium, and it was still maximum at the highest dose tested (5 x lu7 C F U . ~ ~ . ' ; 80 I 2% of… CONTINUE READING


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Beneficial bacteria affect Danio rerio development by the modulation of maternal factors involved in autophagic, apoptotic and dorsalizing processes.

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