[Side effects of opioid and gene variants].


There are individual differences in the analgesic effect and the side effect of the opioid to which genetic variation may be related. Analysis of micro-opioid receptor knockout mice indicated that inhibition of gastrointestinal transit by morphine is mediated by micro-opioid receptor. Our study suggested that gastrointestinal symptom (especially loss of… (More)


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@article{Sora2009SideEO, title={[Side effects of opioid and gene variants].}, author={Ichiro Sora and Hiroshi Komatsu and Moe Igari and Soichiro Ide and Kazutaka Ikeda and Naoto Shimoyama}, journal={Masui. The Japanese journal of anesthesiology}, year={2009}, volume={58 9}, pages={1109-11} }