Side effects of food atopy patch tests.

  title={Side effects of food atopy patch tests.},
  author={Milo{\vs} Jeseň{\'a}k and Peter B{\'a}nov{\vc}in and Zuzana Rennerova and Zuzana Havlicekova and Lubica Jakusova and Roberto Ronchetti},
  journal={Clinical pediatrics},
  volume={47 6},
A topy patch test (APT) has recently left experimental grounds and is increasingly used as a standard diagnostic tool for characterizing patients with aeroallergen-triggered disorders and food-triggered disorders (especially atopic dermatitis). There are only a few reports on the side effects of APT, and no results are available for the potential sensitizing risk of this test. According to the position paper of European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, aluminium cups of 12-mm… CONTINUE READING


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