Side Effects of Sodium Valproate in aTunisian Population

  title={Side Effects of Sodium Valproate in aTunisian Population},
  author={Sassia Makhlouf and Mohamed Ibrahim Mansour and M Msselmeni and Ines Bedoui and Jeanne Zaouali and Ridha Mrissa and Konrad Siala and S Btiri and Wafa Kacem},
The epilepsy care was marked in 1967 by the discovery of Sodium Valproate, a broad spectrum molecule, which finds its indication both in focal and generalized epileptic seizures. The objective of our work was to highlight and study the clinical side effects inducted by Sodium Valproate in a Tunisian population. A questionnaire was filled for each patient. This permitted us to collect the following information: age, sex, pathological history, therapeutic modalities, the other associated… CONTINUE READING

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