Sibling Incest: Reports from Forty-One Survivors

  title={Sibling Incest: Reports from Forty-One Survivors},
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ABSTRACT An exploratory study was conducted with a convenience sample of 41 adult survivors of sibling incest using a retrospective survey design. Participants were interviewed about their childhood sexual experiences with a sibling. Most participants reported vaginal or oral intercourse and coercive experiences. Half of the sample reported sexual experiences with family members, as well as other child abuse. Half of the participants showed evidence of distorted beliefs about child sexual abuse… 

Treating Adult Survivors of Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Relational Strengths-Based Approach

Sibling sexual abuse is a far more common manifestation of family violence than is often recognized. Researchers agree that it has received less attention than other forms of child abuse trauma

Sibling incest: A literature review and a clinical study

Abstract Few previous studies have explored the characteristics and dynamics of adolescent sibling incest. The objectives of this paper were twofold: first, to conduct a literature review that

Parental and Others’ Responses to Physical Sibling Violence: a Descriptive Analysis of Victims’ Retrospective Accounts

It is suggested that negative or unhelpful parental responses can be as harmful as the sibling violence itself.

Responses to Sibling Sexual Abuse: Are They as Harmful as the Abuse?

Abstract The present paper reports on an exploratory qualitative study of 19 women on the reactions of those the women encountered in their everyday lives—family, professionals, and community

Parental Attitudes Following Disclosure of Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Child Advocacy Center Intervention Study

Analysis of case summaries and documented conversations between child protection officers and parents reveals 2 main initial parental attitudes after the disclosure SSA, which underscore the need to study the experiences of parents whose children were involved in SSA to inform policy, treatment and research.

Supporting Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

Families who present for counseling to address child sexual abuse (CSA) benefit from interventions that are evidence-based and meet children’s developmental needs. Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral

Sibling Incest: A Model for Group Practice with Adult Female Victims of Brother–Sister Incest

Working with groups of people who have been sexually abused introduces mutual experiential themes into the process that can be beneficial and meaningful. This paper discusses brother–sister

Sibling Incest: Adjustment in Adult Women Survivors

To measure adjustment of women survivors of sibling incest, 35 adult female survivors and a matched comparison group of 21 women were interviewed and completed questionnaires regarding their adult

Counseling Adult Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Benefits of a Wellness Approach

Strength-based wellness counseling interventions may help survivors develop coping skills to enhance both overall quality of life and everyday functioning across multiple domains, while also providing a healthy foundation from which to explore and reframe their abuse experiences.



Sibling incest: a descriptive study of family dynamics.

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The incestuous relationship had a major impact on families, especially the children, and many offenders and victims, in addition to experiencing emotional, school, and legal problems, were removed from their homes.

Sibling incest.

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The purpose of this article is to describe sibling incest, including family dynamics, and implications for nursing intervention and research are proposed.

Sibling incest offenders.


The occurrence of sibling incest is underrecognized, and its impact is debated. Professionals may be inadequately sensitized to its occurrence since it is considered less traumatic to victims than

Effects of older brother-younger sister incest: a study of the dynamics of 17 cases.

Immediate and long-term impacts of child sexual abuse.

This article summarizes what is currently known about the potential impacts of child sexual abuse in a series of broad categories including posttraumatic stress, cognitive distortions, emotional pain, avoidance, an impaired sense of self, and interpersonal difficulties.

Sibling incest in a clergy family: a case study.

Sibling incest: a study of the dynamics of 25 cases.

Sibling Child Sexual Abuse Research Review and Clinical Implications

SUMMARY Although sex play is a part of normal childhood development, some sexual activity may be coerced or forced and may have negative long-term consequences and, thus, be considered abusive.