Sialochemistry in juvenile chronic arthritis.

  title={Sialochemistry in juvenile chronic arthritis.},
  author={Antigone Siamopoulou and Anastasios K Mavridis and Spiros Vasakos and P. Benecos and Athanasios G. Tzioufas and Andreas Andonopoulos},
  journal={British journal of rheumatology},
  volume={28 5},
Stimulated parotid gland secretions collected from 16 patients with juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA) were analysed and the results compared with those obtained from 83 healthy sex-, age-, and socioeconomic status-matched children. Parotid salivary flow rate was measured and the saliva samples were assayed for calcium, phosphorus, potassium, chloride, sodium, urea, lysozyme, amylase and immunoglobulin levels (IgA, Ig, IgM). Our results showed that parotid flow rate (PFR) values in JCA patients… CONTINUE READING