[Sialadenosis as secondary organ manifestation of anorexia nervosa (author's transl)].


In a 13-year-old boy the occurence of a sialadenosis of the submaxillary glands was observed in association with anorexia nervosa (a.n.). The non-inflammatory salivary gland enlargement became apparent after the boy had suffered a progressive weight loss of 5 kilograms during a period of three years prior to admission. The psychogenic origin of the disorder could be confirmed by 1. the history of the patient being almost identical compared to the few observations of a.n. in males, 2. the absence of any other organ involvement, and 3. follow up over a period of two years during which time the boy regained normal weight, and the salivary gland enlargement disappeared spontaneously. The diagnosis of sialadenosis was based on histological examination.

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