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SiPM Gain Stabilization Studies for Adaptive Power Supply

  title={SiPM Gain Stabilization Studies for Adaptive Power Supply},
  author={Gerald Eigen and Are Sivertsen Traeet and Justas Zalieckas and Jaroslav Cvach and Jir{\'i} Kvasnicka and Ivo Pol{\'a}k},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},
We present herein gain stabilization studies of SiPMs using a climate chamber at CERN. We present results for four detectors not tested before, three from Hamamatsu and one from KETEK. Two of the Hamamatsu SiPMs are novel sensors with trenches that reduce cross talk. We use an improved readout system with a digital oscilloscope controlled with a dedicated LabView program. We improved and automized the analysis to deal with large datasets. We have measured the gain-versus-bias-voltage dependence… 

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