Si and Ge nanocluster formation in silica matrix

  title={Si and Ge nanocluster formation in silica matrix},
  author={Roushdey Salh and Lena Fitting and Elena V. Kolesnikova and A. A. Sitnikova and Maria V. Zamoryanskaya and Beat Schmidt and H. J. Fitting},
High resolution transmission electron microscopy, scanning transmission electron microscopy, and cathodoluminescence have been used to investigate Si and Ge cluster formation in amorphous silicon-dioxide layers. Commonly, cathodoluminescence emission spectra of pure SiO2 are identified with particular defect centers within the atomic network of silica including the nonbridging oxygen hole center associated with the red luminescence at 650 nm (1.9 eV) and the oxygen deficient centers with the… CONTINUE READING


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