Should Public Health Professionals Consider Pornography a Public Health Crisis?

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Pornography Use and Psychological Science: A Call for Consideration
Pornography use is both ubiquitous and controversial in developed nations. Although research related to pornography use has flourished in topical and special-interest journals for several decades,Expand
Banning Because of Science or In Spite of it? Scientific Authority, Religious Conservatism, and Support for Outlawing Pornography, 1984–2018
For decades anti-pornography sentiment and campaigns were driven largely by religious conservatives citing pornography’s “contaminating” moral effects. More recently, however, anti-porn campaignsExpand
But What’s Your Partner Up to? Associations Between Relationship Quality and Pornography Use Depend on Contextual Patterns of Use Within the Couple
It is demonstrated that links between pornography use and relationship health are partially a function of different dyadic patterns of pornography use within couples and do not always suggest relational harm. Expand
Pornography Use and Holistic Sexual Functioning: a Systematic Review of Recent Research
Pornography use is a common recreational activity in most developed nations with unrestricted internet access. As public awareness of pornography’s popularity has grown, so have concerns aboutExpand
Pornography Use and Perceived Gender Norms Among Young Adolescents in Urban Poor Environments: A Cross-site Study.
Overall, boys who perceived greater permissiveness about romantic relations, adolescents who engaged in such relations, and adolescents who assumed that their friends were sexually active had greater pornography exposure, while pornography use did not systematically correlate with unequal gender norms. Expand
Pornography Use and Sexual Health among Same-Sex and Mixed-Sex Couples: An Event-Level Dyadic Analysis
The findings capture the complexity of the associations between pornography and sexual health as men and women’s pornography use may create idealized fantasies around appearance and performance, which may lead the partner to feel distressed about their sex life. Expand
Problematic Pornography Use: Legal and Health Policy Considerations
Advice is offered to governments on possible health policy interventions and legal actions to prevent the development of PPU and to reduce the incidence of sexual violence in society. Expand
Self-Assessed Effects of Pornography Use on Personal Sex Life: Results from a Large-Scale Study of Norwegian Adults
Abstract Objectives: The study explored characteristics associated with the self-assessed effects of pornography use on one’s personal sex life. Methods: Data were collected in a probability-basedExpand
The Prevalence of Using Pornography for Information About How to Have Sex: Findings from a Nationally Representative Survey of U.S. Adolescents and Young Adults
Pornography was the most commonly endorsed helpful source for adolescents in the 18–24-year-old age group, as compared to other possible options such as sexual partners, friends, media, and health care professionals. Expand