Should Public Health Professionals Consider Pornography a Public Health Crisis?

  title={Should Public Health Professionals Consider Pornography a Public Health Crisis?},
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Porn as a Threat to the Mythic Social Order: Christian Nationalism, Anti-Pornography Legislation, and Fear of Pornography as a Public Menace

ABSTRACT We propose contemporary support for sweeping anti-pornography legislation is driven, in large part, by Christian nationalism―an ideology seeking to politically enforce a mythic Christian

Pornography Use and Psychological Science: A Call for Consideration

Pornography use is both ubiquitous and controversial in developed nations. Although research related to pornography use has flourished in topical and special-interest journals for several decades,

Horny for COVID

  • E. Kendal
  • Art
    Extrapolation: Volume 63, Issue 1
  • 2022
The COVID-19 global pandemic has significantly disrupted people’s social lives and dating habits. Research has shown a substantial increase in the consumption of erotic and pornographic material

Context Matters: How Religion and Morality Shape Pornography Use Effects

Pornography use itself and research related to pornography use remain controversial topics, due in large part to the morally charged subject matter. Given the historical relationship between religion

Porn Sex versus Real Sex: Sexual Behaviors Reported by a U.S. Probability Survey Compared to Depictions of Sex in Mainstream Internet-Based Male–Female Pornography

Using data from a 2014 U.S. nationally representative probability survey and a 2014 content analysis of 2562 male–female videos from two popular pornographic websites, this study aimed to: (1)

The Effects Pornography has on Dating and Gender Norms

  • Sierra Stepanko
  • Sociology
    Canadian Journal of Family and Youth / Le Journal Canadien de Famille et de la Jeunesse
  • 2022
In this paper, I plan to review the research and findings on how pornography influences gender norms within society and how this has a positive and/or negative impact on relationships and intimacy.

Cybersex (including sex robots)

Healthy sexuality development in adolescence: proposing a competency-based framework to inform programmes and research

A conceptual framework that draws on theories and literature related to positive youth development, empowerment, human rights, gender, social-ecological and life-course perspectives, and can serve as a Theory of Change for programmes aiming to improve adolescent sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing is proposed.

The relationship between consumption of pornography and consensual sexual practice: Results of a mixed method systematic review

This article reports on the findings of a systematic review of literature on pornography use and sexual consent published between January 2000 and December 2017. The review found that there exists

Secrecy and deception: values, shame, and endorsement of hiding one’s pornography viewing

Pornography’s effects have received renewed attention, with particular concern about how viewing impacts committed partner relationships. Given that secrecy and deception about pornography viewing ...