Shot noise suppression in p‐n junctions due to carrier recombination

  title={Shot noise suppression in p‐n junctions due to carrier recombination},
  author={Ivan Alessio Maione and Gianluca Fiori and Lorenzo Guidi and Giovanni Basso and Massimo Macucci and B. Pellegrini},
  • Ivan Alessio Maione, Gianluca Fiori, +3 authors B. Pellegrini
  • Published 2009
  • Physics
  • We have investigated shot noise suppression as a function of bias current in gallium arsenide and silicon p‐n junctions, focusing on the effect of generation‐recombination phenomena. The availability of the cross‐correlation technique and of ultra‐low‐noise amplifiers has allowed us to significantly extend the range of bias values for which results were available in the literature. We have then developed a numerical model, based on the Monte Carlo method, which provides a qualitative… CONTINUE READING

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