Shot-noise-limited monitoring and phase locking of the motion of a single trapped ion.

  title={Shot-noise-limited monitoring and phase locking of the motion of a single trapped ion.},
  author={Pavel A. Bushev and Gabriel H{\'e}tet and Luk{\'a}{\vs} Slodi{\vc}ka and Daniel Rotter and M. A. Wilson and Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler and J{\"u}rgen Eschner and Rainer Blatt},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={110 13},
We perform a high-resolution real-time readout of the motion of a single trapped and laser-cooled Ba+ ion. By using an interferometric setup, we demonstrate a shot-noise-limited measurement of thermal oscillations with a resolution of 4 times the standard quantum limit. We apply the real-time monitoring for phase control of the ion motion through a feedback loop, suppressing the photon recoil-induced phase diffusion. Because of the spectral narrowing in the phase-locked mode, the coherent ion… 

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