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Shoshenq I and Biblical Šîšaq: a philological defense of their traditional equation*

  title={Shoshenq I and Biblical Šîšaq: a philological defense of their traditional equation*},
  author={Van der Veen},
The levantine war-records of Ramesses III : changing attitudes, past, present and future
Este articulo comienza con un recorrido historiografico del tratamiento de las supuestas campanas belicas de Ramses III en el Levante. Inevitablemente esto implica preguntarse sobre los llamados


Sésostris, Pharaon de légende et d'histoire
Amarna Personal Names
The Egyptian Derivation of the Name Moses
OBJECTIONS have been raised of late against the idea that Moses is a name of Egyptia derivati n, n idea which has found acceptance in a standard work like Oesterley and Robinson's History of Israel
Aramaic Inscriptions of the Fifth Century B. C. E. from a North-Arab Shrine in Egypt
inscribed vessels and Plate II for those of some of the agates. Mr. Cooney, an expert in the history of Egyptian art, will deal elsewhere with the vessels from the standpoint of his specialty. The
Egyptians in Babylonia and Elam during the 1st Millennium B.C’
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