Shortcut to adiabatic passage in two- and three-level atoms.

  title={Shortcut to adiabatic passage in two- and three-level atoms.},
  author={Xi Chen and I. Lizuain and A Ruschhaupt and David Gu{\'e}ry-Odelin and Juan Gonzalo Muga},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={105 12},
We propose a method to speed up adiabatic passage techniques in two-level and three-level atoms extending to the short-time domain their robustness with respect to parameter variations. It supplements or substitutes the standard laser beam setups with auxiliary pulses that steer the system along the adiabatic path. Compared to other strategies, such as composite pulses or the original adiabatic techniques, it provides a fast and robust approach to population control. 
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