Short wavelength emission of AlGaInP quantum dots grown on GaP substrate.

  title={Short wavelength emission of AlGaInP quantum dots grown on GaP substrate.},
  author={S.. Gerhard and S. Kremling and Sven H{\"o}fling and Lukas Worschech and Alfred Forchel},
  volume={22 41},
We report on the growth of AlGaInP quantum dots (QDs) with Al contents between 0% and 10% on GaP substrate by gas-source molecular beam epitaxy and the investigation of their morphological and low temperature photoluminescence properties. These high areal density QDs show short wavelength emission between 575 and 612 nm depending on their composition. The authors interpret the QD emission as originating from indirect type-II transitions. This interpretation is supported by a single-band… CONTINUE READING

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