Short-term variations of surface magnetism and prominences of the young Sun-like star V530 Per

  title={Short-term variations of surface magnetism and prominences of the young Sun-like star V530 Per},
  author={Tianqi Cang and Pascal Petit and J.-F. Donati and C P Folsom},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Aims. We investigate magnetic tracers in the photosphere and the chromosphere of the ultra-rapid rotator (P ~ 0.32 d) V530 Per, a cool member of the open cluster α Persei, to characterize the short-term variability of the magnetic activity and large-scale magnetic field of this prototypical young, rapidly rotating solar-like star. Methods. With time-resolved spectropolarimetric observations spread over four close-by nights, we reconstructed the brightness distribution and large-scale magnetic… 


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