Short-term storage and wind power availability

  title={Short-term storage and wind power availability},
  author={M. B. Anderson and K. Newton and M. Ryle and P. Scott},
IN a discussion on the economics of alternative energy sources, Ryle1 suggested that wind power in conjunction with short-term thermal storage can provide a viable and attractive source of energy in the UK. Leicester, Newman and Wright2 have recently analysed wind data and empirically derived heating demand over a six-month period. On the basis of these data they suggest that short-term (∼150 h) storage is inadequate to provide a reasonably reliable supply from wind generators for heating… Expand
Effects of geographical dispersion on wind turbine performance in England: A simulation
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Renewable energy sources and storage
A FEATURE of wind, wave and solar energy sources is the unpredictable variability of the strength of the source due to the vagaries of the climate. There are two main ways of exploiting theseExpand
Economics of alternative energy sources
  • M. Ryle
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It seems likely that the value of North Sea oil/gas reserves as feedstock to the chemical industry will rise sufficiently to make an early reduction in their consumption as fuel of great economic importance, and the UK is well situated to make use of wind, wave, and tidal power. Expand