Short-term metabolic fate of [13N]ammonia in rat liver in vivo.

  title={Short-term metabolic fate of [13N]ammonia in rat liver in vivo.},
  author={Arthur J. L. Cooper and Edward Nieves and Anton E. Coleman and S Filc-Dericco and A. S. Gelbard},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={262 3},
The short-term metabolic fate of [13N]ammonia in the livers of adult male, anesthetized rats was determined. Following a bolus injection of tracer quantities of [13N]ammonia into the portal vein, the single pass extraction was approximately 93%, in good agreement with the portal-hepatic vein difference of approximately 90%. High performance liquid chromatographic analysis of deproteinized liver samples indicated that labeled nitrogen is exchanged rapidly among components of: mitochondrial… CONTINUE READING