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Short-term effects of monoethanolamine and copper on the activities of Anammox bacteria

  title={Short-term effects of monoethanolamine and copper on the activities of Anammox bacteria},
  author={A. Daverey and Y. Chen and Ying-Chang Liang and J. Lin},
  journal={Sustainable Environment Research},
INTRODUCTION Organic solvents and heavy metals are commonly found in industrial wastewater. These compounds may affect or inhibit the activities of microbes involved in biological wastewater treatment process. Monoethanolamine (MEA) is an organic nitrogen containing solvent used in thin-film transistor liquid crystal display industry as stripper. MEA is usually recognized as slowly biodegradable organic solvent. Copper is the most common heavy metals found in swine wastewater. The presence of… Expand
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