Short-term and long-term reproducibility of dietary history interview data.

  title={Short-term and long-term reproducibility of dietary history interview data.},
  author={Ritva J{\"a}rvinen and Ritva Sepp{\"a}nen and Paul Knekt},
  journal={International journal of epidemiology},
  volume={22 3},
This study gives results for comparisons between dietary history interviews repeated at short-term (4-8 months) and long-term (4-7 years) intervals in conjunction with the Finnish Mobile Clinic Health Examination Survey. Interviews surveying the whole range of consumable foods over the preceding year were completed in 1967-1976. Short-term study was accomplished among 93 adults, and long-term study among 1844 adults. Comparisons were made for intakes of 32 food groups and 32 nutrient indices… CONTINUE READING

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