Short peptides self-assemble to produce catalytic amyloids

  title={Short peptides self-assemble to produce catalytic amyloids},
  author={Caroline M. Rufo and Yurii S. Moroz and Olesia V. Moroz and Jan St{\"o}hr and Tyler A. Smith and Xiaozhen Hu and William F. DeGrado and Ivan V Korendovych},
  booktitle={Nature chemistry},
Enzymes fold into unique three-dimensional structures, which underlie their remarkable catalytic properties. The requirement to adopt a stable, folded conformation is likely to contribute to their relatively large size (>10,000 Da). However, much shorter peptides can achieve well-defined conformations through the formation of amyloid fibrils. To test whether short amyloid-forming peptides might in fact be capable of enzyme-like catalysis, we designed a series of seven-residue peptides that act… CONTINUE READING