Short-lived early Cenomanian volcanic atolls of Mt. Carmel, northern Israel

  title={Short-lived early Cenomanian volcanic atolls of Mt. Carmel, northern Israel},
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Stratigraphic evolution and karstification of a Cretaceous Mid‐Pacific atoll (Resolution Guyot) resolved from core‐log‐seismic integration and comparison with modern and ancient analogues

Atolls are faithful recorders helping us understand eustatic variations, the evolution of carbonate production through time, and changes in magmatic hotspots activity. Several early Cretaceous



Facies of sunken early cretaceous atoll reefs and their capping Late Albian drowning succession (Northwestern Pacific)

SummarySince first described in detail byHamilton (1956), the causes and timing of the drowning of several hundred guyots in the northwestern Pacific is a puzzling question. Thus, the northwestern


On Resolution Guyot, in the Mid-Pacific Mountains, two major intercalations of oolitic limestone have developed, one of latest Hauterivian-Barremian age, which rests directly on edifice basalt, and

Upper Triassic reef facies in the Asher-Atlit-1 borehole, Northern Israel: Microfacies, cement stratigraphy and paleogeographic implications

SummaryThe late Triassic succession of the Asher-Atlit 1 borehole is over 1000 m thick, and is composed of reefal and associated facies interbedded with volcanics of Norian age. Only borehole

The drowning of a siliciclastic shelf: insights into oceanographic reconstructions of the northern Arabian Platform during the Early Cretaceous

Barremian‐Aptian sedimentary successions along the northern Arabian margin have been described as a transition from a siliciclastic to a carbonate‐dominated marine environment, deposited upon a

Stratigraphic, geochronologic, and paleomagnetic constraints on Late Cretaceous volcanism in northern Israel

Late Cretaceous volcanism in northern Israel is represented by basaltic pyroclastics and lavas at two adjacent localities at Mount Carmel and the Umm el Fahm area. Four Cenomanian and one Senonian

Pleistocene Stratigraphy and Eustatic History Based on Cores at Waimanalo, Oahu, Hawaii

Eight recently drilled core holes (totaling 2200 feet) in the Waimanalo coastal plain of Oahu, Hawaii, have yielded significant stratigraphic and lithologic evidence of a series of eustatic risings

Sediment Facies and Environments of Deposition on Cretaceous Pacific Carbonate Platforms: An Overview of Dredged Rocks from Western Pacific Guyots

Many years of dredging of Cretaceous guyots in the western Pacific Ocean have shown the widespread occurrence of drowned carbonate platforms that were active in the Early to middle Cretaceous.

Small-scale shallow-water carbonate sequences of Resolution Guyot (Sites 866, 867, and 868) : Northwest Pacific atolls and guyots

The Hauteri vian to upper Albian carbonate sediments drilled on Resolution Guyot are all of shallow-water origin. The volcanic basement is covered by dolomitized oolitic and oncolitic grainstones of