Short-duration high-frequency quasi-sinusoidal magnetic field generator


This paper presents a short-time high-frequency sinusoidal magnetic field generator to study the frequency response of a magnetic sensor. The prototype is able to generate magnetic fields up to 35 mT at a frequency of 1 MHz. Higher and lower frequencies can be easily reached changing the value of a capacitor.

DOI: 10.1109/TIM.2005.858111

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@article{Robles2005ShortdurationHQ, title={Short-duration high-frequency quasi-sinusoidal magnetic field generator}, author={Guillermo Robles and Romano Giannetti and Jos{\'e} Daniel Mu{\~n}oz Fr{\'i}as}, journal={IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement}, year={2005}, volume={54}, pages={2481-2485} }