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Short communication: Evaluation of the physical and chemical properties of some agricultural wastes as poultry litter material

  title={Short communication: Evaluation of the physical and chemical properties of some agricultural wastes as poultry litter material},
  author={Danial Farhadi},
  journal={Global Journal of Animal Scientific Research},
  • D. Farhadi
  • Published 2014
  • Chemistry
  • Global Journal of Animal Scientific Research
The physical and chemical properties of some agricultural wastes included wheat straw, sugarcane bagasse, sugarcane peat; rice hulls as well as wood sheaving and sawdust as the control were examinedfor determinetheir potential as poultry bedding materials. Sugarcane bagasse and peat compared to other materials had greater initial moisture content (P<0.05) and there were no significant difference between other materials. The highest and lowest water holding capacity (WHC) was related to… Expand
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