Short chain fatty acids and colon cancer.

  title={Short chain fatty acids and colon cancer.},
  author={Leonard H. Augenlicht and John M. Mariadason and Andrew G. Wilson and Diego Arango and Wancai Yang and Barbara G. Heerdt and Anna Velcich},
  journal={The Journal of nutrition},
  volume={132 12},
The development of intestinal cancer involves complex genetic and epigenetic alterations in the intestinal mucosa. The principal signaling pathway responsible for the initiation of tumor formation, the APC-beta-catenin-TCF4 pathway, regulates both cell proliferation and colonic cell differentiation, but many other intrinsic and extrinsic signals also modulate these cell maturation pathways. The challenge is to understand how signaling and cell maturation are also modulated by nutritional agents… CONTINUE READING
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