Short- and long-term (final height) data in children with normal variant short stature treated with growth hormone

  title={Short- and long-term (final height) data in children with normal variant short stature treated with growth hormone},
  author={Klaus Schmitt and Peter Bl{\"u}mel and Thomas Waldhoer and Monica Lassi and Gerald Tulzer and H. P. Frisch},
  journal={European Journal of Pediatrics},
Seventeen children with normal variant short stature and a predicted height below −2 SDS were treated with growth hormone (GH) six times a week for a period of 5 years. Patients were randomly selected to receive three different doses of GH, group 1 (n=6) 3␣IU/m2 per day, group 2 (n=6) 4.5 IU/m2 per day and group 3 (n=5) 3 IU/m2 per day in the 1st year and 4.5␣IU/m2 per day thereafter. There was a significant increase in height after 1 and 2 years for all patients and for all subgroups. However… CONTINUE READING

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