Short-Term and Long-Term Context Aggregation Network for Video Inpainting

  title={Short-Term and Long-Term Context Aggregation Network for Video Inpainting},
  author={Ang Li and Shanshan Zhao and Xingjun Ma and Mingming Gong and Jianzhong Qi and Rui Zhang and Dacheng Tao and Ramamohanarao Kotagiri},
Video inpainting aims to restore missing regions of a video and has many applications such as video editing and object removal. However, existing methods either suffer from inaccurate short-term context aggregation or rarely explore long-term frame information. In this work, we present a novel context aggregation network to effectively exploit both short-term and long-term frame information for video inpainting. In the encoding stage, we propose boundary-aware short-term context aggregation… Expand

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