Short-TE projection reconstruction NMR microscopy of trabecular bone.

  title={Short-TE projection reconstruction NMR microscopy of trabecular bone.},
  author={Renato Toffanin and Vladim{\'i}r Jell{\'u}s and P Szomol{\'a}nyi and Franco Vittur},
  journal={Magnetic resonance imaging},
  volume={19 3-4},
The aim of this study was to assess the potential of projection reconstruction (PR) NMR microscopy in the quantitative evaluation of trabecular bone architecture. Short-TE PR spin-echo microimages were acquired at 7.05 T on normal bone explants. The main structural parameters such as bone volume fraction (BVF), trabecular thickness (Tb.Th.) and trabecular separation (Tb.Sp.) were obtained from the 3D microimages using the method of directed secants. Quantitative structural data were then… CONTINUE READING