Short INTEGERS in standard Fortran 77

  title={Short INTEGERS in standard Fortran 77},
  author={Jerrold L. Wagener},
  journal={ACM Sigplan Fortran Forum},
  • Jerrold L. Wagener
  • Published in FORF 1983
  • Computer Science
  • ACM Sigplan Fortran Forum
  • Standard Fortran 77 has an INTEGER data type, but only one size of integers. On a 32-bit word-size machine an INTEGER will normally occupy 32 bits, or four 8-bit bytes, and can contain an integer magnitude in excess of 2 billion. Often an application deals with integer values of far less magnitude than this, and in such cases, especially where memory is not abundant, it is advantageous to use smaller storage units for integer values. The most common situation is when the integer values are not… CONTINUE READING

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