Short Distance Asymptotics for a Generalized Two-point Scaling Function in the Two-dimensional Ising Model

  title={Short Distance Asymptotics for a Generalized Two-point Scaling Function in the Two-dimensional Ising Model},
  author={Thomas Bothner and William Warner},
  journal={Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry},
In the 1977 paper of McCoy et al. (J. Math. Phys. 18, 1058–1092, 1977) it was shown that the limiting two-point correlation function in the two-dimensional Ising model is related to a second order nonlinear Painlevé function. This result identified the scaling function as a tau-function and the corresponding connection problem was solved by Tracy (Commun. Math. Phys. 142, 297–311, 1991), see also the works by Tracy and Widom (Commun. Math. Phys. 190, 697–721, 1998). Here we present the solution… 

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