Shope fibroma virus. II. Role of the virion-associated nucleases.

  title={Shope fibroma virus. II. Role of the virion-associated nucleases.},
  author={Beatr{\'i}z G. T. Pogo and Arnold Stein and Paul Freimuth},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={41 1},
The effect of Shope fibroma virus (SFV) infection on host DNA synthesis was investigated. The cytocidal strain, SFV-I, inhibited the incorporation of [3H]thymidine into nuclear DNA very shortly (2 h) after infection, whereas the noncytocidal strain, SFV-W, did so later (10 h postinfection) and to a lesser extent. Furthermore, a two- to threefold stimulation of host DNA synthesis was recorded in SFV-W-infected cells 3 to 4 h after infection. Since virion-associated nucleases have been implicated… CONTINUE READING