Shock wave monotherapy of staghorn calculi.

  title={Shock wave monotherapy of staghorn calculi.},
  author={Marc vanden Bossche and J. Simon and Claude C. Schulman},
  journal={European urology},
  volume={17 1},
From June 1987 to October 1988, 52 staghorn calculi were treated without anesthesia by shock wave lithotripsy with the second-generation lithotriptor, Lithostar Siemens. 36 calculi were evaluated. Multiple sessions (n = 1-6) were necessary according to the size of the stone. The mean hospital stay for complete treatment was 7 days. Double-J stenting was used in 45% of the patients with calculi of less than 40 mm and in 81% of the patients with calculi of greater than 40 mm. After 3 months, 50… CONTINUE READING
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