Shisa6 traps AMPA receptors at postsynaptic sites and prevents their desensitization during synaptic activity

  title={Shisa6 traps AMPA receptors at postsynaptic sites and prevents their desensitization during synaptic activity},
  author={R. Klaassen and J. Stroeder and F. Coussen and Anne-Sophie Hafner and J. Petersen and Cedric Renancio and L. J. M. Schmitz and E. Normand and J. C. Lodder and D. Rotaru and P. Rao-Ruiz and S. Spijker and H. Mansvelder and D. Choquet and A. Smit},
  journal={Nature Communications},
  • R. Klaassen, J. Stroeder, +12 authors A. Smit
  • Published 2016
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature Communications
  • Trafficking and biophysical properties of AMPA receptors (AMPARs) in the brain depend on interactions with associated proteins. We identify Shisa6, a single transmembrane protein, as a stable and directly interacting bona fide AMPAR auxiliary subunit. Shisa6 is enriched at hippocampal postsynaptic membranes and co-localizes with AMPARs. The Shisa6 C-terminus harbours a PDZ domain ligand that binds to PSD-95, constraining mobility of AMPARs in the plasma membrane and confining them to… CONTINUE READING
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