Shipboard power system reconfiguration using reinforcement learning

  title={Shipboard power system reconfiguration using reinforcement learning},
  author={Siddharth Pal and Sayak Bose and Sanjoy Das and Caterina M. Scoglio and Bala Natarajan and Noel N. Schulz},
  journal={North American Power Symposium 2010},
In this paper we deal with shipboard power system (SPS) reconfiguration with an integrated power system (IPS) and distributed generator. The objective of reconfiguration is to determine the status of the switches such that power is delivered to the vital loads even under fault conditions. We have used a model-free reinforcement technique called Q-learning for solving the reconfiguration problem. We don't only get the final configuration but also the sequence of switches to open and close to… CONTINUE READING


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