Ship Surveillance With TerraSAR-X

  title={Ship Surveillance With TerraSAR-X},
  author={Stephan Brusch and Susanne Lehner and Thomas Fritz and Matteo Soccorsi and Alexander Soloviev and Bart van Schie},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing},
Ship detection is an important application of global monitoring of environment and security. In order to overcome the limitations by other systems, surveillance with satellite synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is used because of its possibility to provide ship detection at high resolution over wide swaths and in all weather conditions. A new X-band radar onboard the TerraSAR-X (TS-X) satellite gives access to spatial resolution as fine as 1 m. In this paper, first results on the combined use of TS… CONTINUE READING
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