Shifting Southward: Global Christianity since 1945

  title={Shifting Southward: Global Christianity since 1945},
  author={Dana L. Robert},
  journal={International Bulletin of Mission Research},
  pages={50 - 58}
  • D. Robert
  • Published 1 April 2000
  • History, Political Science
  • International Bulletin of Mission Research
From December 12 to 29, 1938, the most representative meeting of world Protestantism to date took place in Tambaram, India. Under the gathering storm clouds of World War II, with parts of China already under Japanese occupation, Hitler triumphant in the Sudetenland, and Stalinism in full swing, 471 persons from 69 different countries met at Madras Christian College for the second decennial meeting of the Inter­ national Missionary Council. For the first time, African Christians from different… 

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The Italian city of Pisa was no stranger to violence, war, disease or revolution. In its turn, the twentieth century brought it democracy, wars abroad, revolution, dictatorship and then war at home.

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Introduction An exciting event occurred in 1969 when the pope visited Uganda. He told his hosts that ‘you must have an African Christianity. Indeed, you possess human values and characteristic forms

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Christian movements were already present in the sixteenth century. Although Christianity was dominated by the North from 950 to 1950,7 its center of gravity has been steadily shifting southward.8 In

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The second half of the twentieth century witnessed a fundamental shift in the character of the Christian religion—namely, a massive expansion and shift of its center of gravity southward. During this

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The period between the end of World War I and the beginning of World War II was a critical time for the development of a religiously pluralistic United States. With more people living in the cities

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Introduction: setting the scene The 1950s and 1960s witnessed nationalist movements bringing the majority of sub-Saharan Africa to political independence. The Portuguese colonies and Rhodesia stemmed

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Introduction In 1910 Rennie McInnes, an Anglican missionary in Cairo, enthusiastically pointed out that King Edward VII ruled over more Muslims than Persia and the Ottoman empire combined. ‘Who would

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The author is tackling one central question, which he explicitly enunciates (14), and we might summarize as Given all the time and money put into missions in the Middle East and Turkey, why have so

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Any survey of the power and influence of the Christian churches in Europe undertaken in the summer of 1939 would have been largely pessimistic. Be it in the few remaining parliamentary regimes of

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October 2012 Mark Shaw is Professor of Historical Studies and Director of the Centre for World Christianity, Africa International University, Nairobi, Kenya. He is the author of Global Awakening: How



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"Thegreat new fact of our time," as Archbishop William Temple termed it, has been apparent for at least two generations; namely, the Christian church is established on all continents and in virtually

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It was born a scant ninety-five years ago in a rundown warehouse on Azusa Street in Los Angeles. For days the religious-revival service there went on and on-and within a week the Los Angeles Times

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Part 1 Historical genealogies and theoretical background: Anglo and Latin - rival civilizations, alternative patterns the Methodist model - Anglo-American cultural production reproduced in Latin

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