Shifted quiver quantum toroidal algebra and subcrystal representations

  title={Shifted quiver quantum toroidal algebra and subcrystal representations},
  author={Go Noshita and Akimi Watanabe},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract Recently, new classes of infinite-dimensional algebras, quiver Yangian (QY) and shifted QY, were introduced, and they act on BPS states for non-compact toric Calabi-Yau threefolds. In particular, shifted QY acts on general subcrystals of the original BPS crystal. A trigonometric deformation called quiver quantum toroidal algebra (QQTA) was also proposed and shown to act on the same BPS crystal. Unlike QY, QQTA has a formal Hopf superalgebra structure which is useful in deriving… 

A note on quiver quantum toroidal algebra

Abstract Recently, Li and Yamazaki proposed a new class of infinite-dimensional algebras, quiver Yangian, which generalizes the affine Yangian $$ \mathfrak{gl} $$ gl 1. The characteristic feature

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The notion of shifted quantum groups has recently played an important role in algebraic geometry. This subtle modification of the original definition brings more flexibility in the representation theory

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Abstract We study the refined and unrefined crystal/BPS partition functions of D6-D2-D0 brane bound states for all toric Calabi-Yau threefolds without compact 4-cycles and some non-toric examples.

Quiver Yangians and $\mathcal{W}$-Algebras for Generalized Conifolds

We focus on quiver Yangians for most generalized conifolds. We construct a coproduct of the quiver Yangian following the similar approach in literature. We also prove that the quiver Yangians related

5d AGT correspondence of supergroup gauge theories from quantum toroidal $\mathfrak{gl}_{1}$

We discuss the 5d AGT correspondence of supergroup gauge theories with A-type supergroups. We introduce two intertwiners called positive and negative intertwiners to compute the instanton partition

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Recently, Gaiotto and Rapcak proposed a generalization of WN algebra by considering the symmetry at the corner of the brane intersection (corner vertex operator algebra). The algebra, denoted as

Quantum W1+∞ subalgebras of BCD type and symmetric polynomials

The infinite affine Lie algebras of type ABCD, also called ĝl(∞), ô(∞), ŝp(∞), are equivalent to subalgebras of the quantum W1+∞ algebra. They have well-known representations on the Fock space of

Holomorphic field realization of SHc and quantum geometry of quiver gauge theories

A bstractIn the context of 4D/2D dualities, SHc algebra, introduced by Schiffmann and Vasserot, provides a systematic method to analyse the instanton partition functions of N=2$$ \mathcal{N}=2 $$

Toric Calabi-Yau threefolds as quantum integrable systems. R-matrix and RTT relations

R-matrix is explicitly constructed for simplest representations of the Ding-Iohara-Miki algebra. The calculation is straightforward and significantly simpler than the one through the universal

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Abstract We find a new infinite class of infinite-dimensional algebras acting on BPS states for non-compact toric Calabi-Yau threefolds. In Type IIA superstring compactification on a toric

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We provide a general set of rules for extracting the data defining a quiver gauge theory from a given toric Calabi-Yau singularity. Our method combines information from the geometry and topology of

Cohomological Hall algebras and perverse coherent sheaves on toric Calabi-Yau 3-folds.

To a smooth local toric Calabi-Yau 3-fold $X$ we associate the Heisenberg double of the (equivariant spherical) Cohomological Hall algebra in the sense of Kontsevich and Soibelman. This Heisenberg

Reflection states in Ding-Iohara-Miki algebra and brane-web for D-type quiver

A bstractReflection states are introduced in the vertical and horizontal modules of the Ding-Iohara-Miki (DIM) algebra (quantum toroidal gl1$$ \mathfrak{g}{\mathfrak{l}}_1 $$). Webs of DIM

Quantum algebraic approach to refined topological vertex

A bstractWe establish the equivalence between the refined topological vertex of Iqbal-Kozcaz-Vafa and a certain representation theory of the quantum algebra of type W1+∞ introduced by Miki. Our