Shifted Normal Forms of Polynomial Matrices

  title={Shifted Normal Forms of Polynomial Matrices},
  author={Bernhard Beckermann and George Labahn and Gilles Villard},
In t,his paper we st,ucly the problen~ of transforrniug, via invertible colu1tln opcrat.ious~ it matrix polyioruial into a varicty Of .shiftcd forms. Esarnplcs of forms c:overed in out frmwa-ork include a colunm rctluccd form: il triangular fornlz R I%!rInite IlOrInd fOrll1 or it Popov IlorIllal fOrIll alollg wit,11 their shifted courltcrpart,s. I3y obt.aiuiug tlcgrvc bounds for uuiniodiilar niiill,iplicrs of shifted Popor fornis we are able t,o c11lbct1 tlic probleni of conqmtiug il normal… CONTINUE READING
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