Shift work, circadian gene variants and risk of breast cancer.

  title={Shift work, circadian gene variants and risk of breast cancer.},
  author={Anne L Grundy and Johanna M. Schuetz and Agnes S. Lai and Rozmin T Janoo-Gilani and Stephen R. Leach and Igor Burstyn and Harriet Richardson and Angela Brooks-Wilson and John Spinelli and Kristan J. Aronson},
  journal={Cancer epidemiology},
  volume={37 5},
Circadian (clock) genes have been linked with several functions relevant to cancer, and epidemiologic research has suggested relationships with breast cancer risk for variants in NPAS2, CLOCK, CRY2 and TIMELESS. Increased breast cancer risk has also been observed among shift workers, suggesting potential interactions in relationships of circadian genes with… CONTINUE READING



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