Shewanella affinis sp. nov., isolated from marine invertebrates.

  title={Shewanella affinis sp. nov., isolated from marine invertebrates.},
  author={Elena P Ivanova and Olga I. Nedashkovskaya and Tomoo Sawabe and Natalia V. Zhukova and Galina M. Frolova and Dan V. Nicolau and Valery V. Mikhailov and John P. Bowman},
  journal={International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology},
  volume={54 Pt 4},
Four marine bacterial strains, designated KMM 3587T, KMM 3586, KMM 3821 and KMM 3822, were isolated from the sipuncula Phascolosoma japonicum, a common inhabitant of Troitza Bay in the Gulf of Peter the Great (Sea of Japan region), and from an unidentified hydrocoral species collected in Makarov Bay (Iturup Islands), Kuril Islands, North-West Pacific Ocean. The strains were characterized to clarify their taxonomic position. 16S rRNA gene sequences of KMM 3587T and KMM 3586 indicated 99… CONTINUE READING

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