Shedding light on Aspergillus niger volatile exometabolome

  title={Shedding light on Aspergillus niger volatile exometabolome},
  author={Carina Pedrosa Costa and Diogo Gonçalves Silva and Alisa Rudnitskaya and Adelaide Almeida and Silvia Maria Machado da Rocha},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
An in-depth exploration of the headspace content of Aspergillus niger cultures was performed upon different growth conditions, using a methodology based on advanced multidimensional gas chromatography. This volatile fraction comprises 428 putatively identified compounds distributed over several chemical families, being the major ones hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters, ketones and aldehydes. These metabolites may be related with different metabolic pathways, such as amino acid metabolism… CONTINUE READING