Shear wave elasticity imaging of cervical lymph nodes.

  title={Shear wave elasticity imaging of cervical lymph nodes.},
  author={Kunwar S. Bhatia and Carmen Chi Min Cho and Cina S. L. Tong and Edmund Yuen and Anil T. Ahuja},
  journal={Ultrasound in medicine & biology},
  volume={38 2},
A pilot study of real-time shear wave ultrasound elastography (SWE) for cervical lymphadenopathy in routine clinical practice was conducted on 55 nodes undergoing conventional ultrasound (US) with US-guided needle aspiration for cytology. Elastic moduli of stiffest regions in nodes were measured on colour-coded elastograms, which were correlated with cytology. Malignant nodes (n = 31, 56.4%) were stiffer (median 25.0 kPa, range 6.9-278.9 kPa) than benign nodes (median 21.4 kPa, range 8.9-30.2… CONTINUE READING
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