Shear-rate dependent transport coefficients in a binary mixture of Maxwell molecules

  title={Shear-rate dependent transport coefficients in a binary mixture of Maxwell molecules},
  author={Carlos A. Mar{\'i}n and Vicente Garz{\'o} and Mariano L{\'o}pez de Haro},
  journal={Physics of Fluids},
Mass and heat transport in a dilute binary mixture of Maxwell molecules under steady shear flow are studied in the limit of small concentration gradients. The analysis is made from the Gross–Krook kinetic model of the Boltzmann equation. This model is solved by means of a perturbation solution around the steady shear flow solution [Phys. Fluids 8, 2756 (1996)], which applies for arbitrary values of the shear rate. In the first order of the expansion the results show that the mass and heat… 
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