Shear Strength and Fatigue Properties of Human Cortical Bone Determined from Pure Shear Tests

  title={Shear Strength and Fatigue Properties of Human Cortical Bone Determined from Pure Shear Tests},
  author={C. Turner and T. Wang and D. Burr},
  journal={Calcified Tissue International},
  • C. Turner, T. Wang, D. Burr
  • Published 2001
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Calcified Tissue International
  • Shear properties of bone have been inferred from torsion tests. [...] Key Method We measured the shear properties of human cortical bone in both longitudinal and transverse directions using pure shear tests. Shearing applied transverse to the bone long axis caused fracture along a 45 degrees plane that coincided with maximum tension. This fracture pattern is similar to spiral fractures caused by torsion. Shear strength along the bone axis was 51.6 MPa or about 35% less than that determined using torsion tests…Expand Abstract
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