She Blinded Me with Science: Wrongful Convictions and the 'Reverse CSI-Effect'

  title={She Blinded Me with Science: Wrongful Convictions and the 'Reverse CSI-Effect'},
  author={Mark A. Godsey and Marie Alou},
  • Mark A. Godsey, Marie Alou
  • Published 2011
  • Psychology
  • Prosecutors in the United States are often heard to complain these days of the "CSI-effect.'' Jurors today, the theory goes, have become spoiled as a result of the proliferation of these "high-tech" forensic shows, and now unrealistically expect conclusive scientific proof of guilt before they will convict. What I have come to notice, however, is a different kind a reverberation from the CSI-type shows that I believe often hurts defendants and benefits the prosecution. While not reported or… CONTINUE READING

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