She's Stylin': La Pachuca, Chicana Resistance, and the Politics of Representation

  title={She's Stylin': La Pachuca, Chicana Resistance, and the Politics of Representation},
  author={Lisa Y. Ramos},
  journal={Reviews in American History},
  pages={562 - 568}
  • L. Ramos
  • Published 3 October 2010
  • Art
  • Reviews in American History
A significant aspect of subordination is the persistence with which we [the Outsiders] mimic the styles, preferences and mannerisms of those who dominate us [the Masters], even when we have become aware of the mimicry. Lost to the Outsider are those identities that would have developed but for our real and perceived needs to camouflage ourselves in the masks of the Master. Lost to all are the variety of choices, the multiplicity of identities that would be available if we were not trapped by… 


Mascaras, Trenzas, Y Grenas: Un/Masking the Self While Un/Braiding Latina Stories and Legal Discourse
This article uses Critical Race Theory methodologies, such as autobiographical narratives, and analytical approaches, such as critical pedagogy.Using personal narrative, this Article examines the
Los Angeles Zoot: Race "Riot," the Pachuco, and Black Music Culture
Zoot(y), adj. [according to jazzman Zutty Singleton, the term was New Orleans patois for 'cute' (a suggested etym. differing from the one offered in 1943 quot., q.v.); some currency c. 1925-c. 1945,
The Zoot‐Suit and Style Warfare
What about those fellows waiting still and silent there on the platform, so still and silent they clash with the crowd in their very immobility, standing noisy in their very silence; harsh as a cry
Zoot-Suiters and Cops: Chicano Youth and the Los Angeles Police Department during World War II" in The War in American Culture: Society and Consciousness during World War II
  • 1996
There are also numerous book chapters and journal articles that discuss the zoot suit's relevance for the Mexican American community. They include: Frank Barajas
  • The Defense Committees of Sleepy Lagoon: A Convergent Struggle against Fascism
  • 1942