Shaw’s Xenophilous New Woman: Raina Petkoff as Mistress of Her Domain

  title={Shaw’s Xenophilous New Woman: Raina Petkoff as Mistress of Her Domain},
  author={Katharyn Stober},
  journal={SHAW The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies},
  pages={101 - 89}
  • Katharyn Stober
  • Published 11 September 2011
  • Art
  • SHAW The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies
When Shaw’s Arms and the Man appeared in 1894, the older generation made up of genteel Victorian society was acutely conscious of the infi ltration of a foreign menace on two fronts: overt geographic xenophobia (brought about in part by the popularity of Orientalism throughout the nineteenthcentury) and a more subtle intellectual infi ltration of Modernistic discourse. To Victorians, this new breed of Moderns, in essence, had become an internal “other” within English culture—spurred on by the… 


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